Product Design

Working Relationship

We’re intentionally a small design firm, without account managers or representatives. As a partner, you work directly with us – a design team with deep experience and skills.

We’re purpose-built to be an integrated part of your team while you need us, and to help you cross the gap to building design expertise internally.

Projects & Timelines

We help partners create new products, as well as implement successful product updates and redesigns. We schedule projects in 3 month blocks to ensure the right work can be completed, and to help partners plan their projects reliably.

For smaller new products, and many product updates we often work with partners from 3 - 6 months. For large new products or full product replacements we tend to work with partners between 12-18 months.

Our Process

We don’t prescribe a set process – there are many tools for many problems. We’ll work together to clarify what’s most important and valuable in your product, and then employ the right tools and steps needed to reach success.

Our Fees

Our fees are arranged at a fixed, monthly amount, allowing you to plan your project without surprises. We typically recommend and staff a single, Senior UX designer on each project, on a part- or full-time basis. That person’s time and fees are easily knowable, and allows you to account for the resource in your project plan and budget.